πŸ”­ **Founders Fund:** Led by Trae Stephens

⭐️ **Kindred Ventures:** Seed fund from Steve & Kanyi

πŸ› **Seven Seven Six:** New early stage fund led by Alexis

πŸ“š **87 Capital:** Early-stage fund from Sam Hinkie

πŸ‘– **Slack:** Fund of Slack

πŸ“Ί MKBHD & Casey Neistat: Up & coming YouTubers

🀳 Mike Krieger: Co-founder, Instagram

πŸ“Ί **Chad Hurley:** Co-founder, YouTube

πŸ‘Ύ **Kevin Lin:** Co-founder, Twitch

πŸšͺΒ  **Gokul Rajaram:** Too much to list

🏠  **Joe Gebbia:** Cofounder @ Airbnb

πŸ“ˆ Emilie Choi: President & COO, Coinbase

πŸ“± **Hong Feng:** Co-founder of Xiaomi

πŸͺ Harpreet Rai: CEO @ Oura Ring

πŸ‘“ **Hugo Barra:** fmr. ****Metaverse @ Meta, now Detect

πŸ›’Β Β Tobi LΓΌtke: Founder & CEO @ Shopify

πŸ‘»Β Β Ilter Canberk: AR Product Lead @ Snap